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Looking to donate your packaging? You've come to the right place!

Please refer to the image to see if your donation fulfils our packaging requirements.

Please do not donate packaging that do not fulfil our requirements, such as boxes, styrofoam stuffings, air packets etc.


Mailing donations have paused till further notice, you may choose to drop off packaging instead.

where can I drop off my packaging?

(A4 and larger)
Paper envelopes
(A4 and larger)
Padded envelopes
(any size)
Bubble wrap
(any size)
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TSP Transparent.png

Only for the months of March, June, September

what to do with unaccepted packaging?

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resource matching

If you are looking to donate other packaging or materials not accepted by us, this is a handy sheet where you can easily find businesses that accept the items you have on hand!

Please contact these businesses directly via their contact information in the sheet.

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