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about us


Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative for businesses & the Earth.


Founded on the principles of Reduce and Reuse, we seek to give single-use packaging new life by collecting & distributing 2nd-hand packaging to local businesses for reuse.

Fun fact! Package Pals was founded by two youths who met online via a Telegram community, during the circuit breaker in May 2020.


Since then, we have grown into a team comprised of 20 volunteers who dedicate their time and effort into our cause.

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our values

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We firmly believe in the priorities set by the waste hierarchy.

By collecting & distributing 2nd-hand packaging to businesses, we encourage the reuse of typically single-use packaging. This also helps reduce the usage of brand-new packaging.

did you know?

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According to NEA, packaging makes up one-third of Singapore's domestic waste! 

Common types of packaging include carton boxes and bubble wrap.

Under the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR) framework, businesses will be required to submit packaging data and 3R plans to NEA. 

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