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Park N Parcel x Package Pals

Our partnership with Park N Parcel, a tech-based logistics firm that offers last-mile fulfillment with green shipping options. It aims to optimize the operations of rising e-commerce businesses through the sharing economy model and advancing software that reduce carbon emissions.

Tortoise the Label x Package Pals

Tortoise The Label is a Singaporean sustainable lifestyle brand that offers affordable and circular wardrobe basics. As part of their efforts to make their operations fully ciruclar, they have joined The Sustainability Project’s Zero Waste Packaging Initiative (which we are a partner for!). 

You can opt to receive your Tortoise products in reusable Totepacks or second-hand packaging from us!

susGain x Package Pals

Susgain Transparent.png

Earn points and enjoy rewards when you donate your packaging to us!

With the susGain app, you can look for our listings which allow you to earn 200 points each time you donate your packaging via our mailing, meet-up or drop-off streams.

Sundac Transparent.png

SUN-DAC x Package Pals

Our partnership with SUN-DAC, a social agency that serves and cares for persons with disabilities, involves engaging their clients in occupational therapy by sorting some of our packaging donations. These will then be distributed back to businesses for reuse!

ZWPI Transparent.png
TSP Transparent.png

Zero Waste Packaging Initiative

The Zero Waste Packaging Initiative is a ground-up movement started by The Sustainability Project.

Its main aim is to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through these means.

Package Pals is the official partner for the ZWPI.

Esse The Label x Package Pals

Esse logo.png

Package Pals embarked on our very first collaboration with homegrown conscious fashion label, Esse.

Esse customers can return Esse mailer envelopes via Package Pals and earn 5 loyalty points when they do so. Plus, they get free shipping when they opt for reused Esse mailer envelopes!

Kinquo Designs x Package Pals


Sustainability is a big part of Kinquo's journey.

Our collaboration with them entails customers returning their Kinquo mailers to Package Pals, which will then be returned back to Kinquo Designs for reuse!

This can be done via checking the option in our donation form.

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